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Delhi City Musings

  • Valentine
    Celebrate the exceptional feeling of love I was lying down on grass with my girl after spending an exceptional day roaming around the city celebrating Valentine`s day, we looked at each other and said everything in that moment of silence without expressing the feeling vocally. And I thought, “Love is not a read more
  • Five Fantastic Parantha Places
    Eat all you want The capital city of India is a place filled with extremes. Expensive clothes to cheap ones, places to reside, hangout spots, bars, pubs, and what not! One can find everything here. Delhi is a place with opportunities and ideas to explore. It`s an industrial hub, a den for artists and also a read more
  • Republic Day
    Memories of the historical awakening 26th January 1950, the day when our constitution came into existence and from being an autocratic nation we became democratic. We became a Republic nation and made history. Every year on this day, India celebrates the joy of being a Republic nation and marks 26th January as read more
  • Ramlila In Delhi: Visuals of Ramayana
    Ramlila is a popular attraction during Navratras in October and is the main feature of Dusshehra. The evening plays taking place in different parts of Delhi are very much talked about. It’s not just about the depiction of Ramayana but more more
  • Handicrafts of Delhi- A connection to Indian culture
    Delhi has a lot to offer when it comes to handicrafts. Well, there are some exciting places in Delhi dedicated to selling handicrafts and artifacts. They speak about our vibrant culture, diverse ethnicity and rich more
  • Holi- Celebration of colours and being
    Holi, the festival of colours is welcomed every year with the feeling of great enthusiasm and happiness. It is the most important and special festival celebrated by Indians. Though it is celebrated all over India but the celebrations goes grand in the northern part of the country and mostly in Delhi. Delhi, being read more
  • Delhi Walk Festival
    Delhi, I Love you, an independent socio-cultural movement in Delhi ,announces the launch of the first Delhi Walk Festival- a seven-day event to be organized from 22nd February to 28th February 2016. “For those of you who thought that it is impossible to walk in Delhi, this Festival may come as a pleasant read more
  • Stage42- Transform yourself for real world
    You know that moment when you`re like-- Oh my god! I have finished all the T.V. series, I have roamed around every place and there`s nothing much left to do. Well to get yourself ready for something that you have been waiting for. Get yourself a treat of everything as The Festival Stage42, returns for the second time. read more
  • Legends: Restaurants to Enjoy Sufi Music
    Legends: Sufi Nights In the words of 'Osho' the Zen Master, “On the surface, from the outside, the Sufi seems to be dancing. But he is not dancing, because there is no dancer. It is pure dance. God has taken possession of him. The Sufi is drunk, intoxicated. His state is that of non-being. He is anchorless. read more
  • Delhi feast on festivities Durga Puja at Mini Bengal
    Cometh the October, cometh the season of festivities! Every year around October the streets of Chittaranjan Park delightfully transform into a playground for kids, elderly chatters about the recent government policy, trance-inducing religious hymns and gyrating beats of drums that refuse to die down even in the late read more
  • Ramlila
    The main feature of Navaratri celebrations in Delhi is the Ramlila performances that take place in the evenings all over the city. These plays reenact scenes from the much loved Hindu epic the Ramayana. They tell the life story of Lord Rama, culminating with his defeat of the demon Ravan on the tenth day, Dussehra. read more
  • 20 Incredible Things to do in Delhi
    Indian capital Delhi has a rich history and culture alongside its special food, temples and lifestyle among everything else that one could ever imagine. City`s best attractions are dominated by tombs, forts, monuments and temples, but still roaming around the city is a refreshing breeze with beloved, friends, or read more
  • 10 Fun Things to do in Delhi with Kids
    Tired of taking your kids to malls and nearby parks? Take some time out of your busy schedule and let them explore the rich resources that National Capital Delhi has to offer. Here are suggested ten things that you can do with your kids in Delhi: Old Delhi tour - Get familiar with rich Indian culture Delhi is read more
  • Popular Museums In Delhi
    The chaotic and busy Delhi may not lend some cool breeze to relax with family, but it surely provides a great place wherein lies the rich history and heritage of India. Obviously nothing can provide a better option than museums to explore about the rich history of Delhi. Here is our list of museums in Delhi that read more
  • From Foreign Shores to the City of Djinns
    Delhi has long been called the cultural cauldron of the country. This is the city where people from many states and region have come and settled, making it a home. And this multi-ethnic, cosmopolitan character has defined Delhi for many centuries of its history. Not only has Delhi attracted migrants or settlers from read more
  • Graffiti & Street Art in Delhi
    When an irate friend screamed at you `read the writing on the wall` you probably didn`t think of what has become an exciting sub-culture of art in Delhi- Graffiti. Identified as writings or images sprayed or stencilled on city spaces, chiefly public walls, Graffiti art has seen a stirring growth on Delhi walls in the read more
  • Gods On Wheels The Road Less Taken
    You live more in five minutes on a bike like this going flat out than some people live in their lifetime” said Anthony Hopkins in the 2005 flick The World`s Fastest Indian aptly described as one hell of a true story. He played Burt Munroe, the New Zealander who spent years re-building a 1920 Indian motorcycle read more
  • Kites, Fights & More...
    Kites that have become the symbol of Independence day have a special soul-connect with the narrow bylanes of old Delhi. The gated city not only is the centre of the largest market of kite sellers but also the heartland of passionate patangbaaz. But the simple kite that you buy from a small shop in Lal Kuan Bazaar read more
  • Things to do on Independence Day
    You must have already noticed that Independence Day this year is a long weekend considering you're taking a day off either on Friday on Monday. If you really want to take advantage of these three days in August, we suggest you try something different, something patriotic. Take a walk down memory lane and visit a read more
  • The Seven Cities Of Delhi
    Delhi is one of the greatest cities of antiquity. It was first called Indrapat… Humayun restored the citadel of Indrapat and called it Dinpanah Abul Fazal, minister in the court of Akbar, 1600 AD Legend has it that anyone who creates a new city in Delhi would not be able to rule over it for the rest of his read more
  • Delhi The Eternal City
    Delhi is the symbol of the old and new. Even the stones here whisper to our ears of the ages of long ago and the air we breathe is full of the dust and fragrance of the past, as also of the fresh and piercing winds of the present. The tradition of millennia of our history surrounds us at every step and the procession read more
  • Exploring Delhi: Finding Reasons to Step Out!
    Imagine a world beyond google, or Delhi outside our living rooms. Must be good—don’t really know!!! Technology is fun—how wonderful it is to visit google map, and view the entire more
  • History of Delhi
    Edwin Lutyens, the world famous architect, would have neverset his mind on designing New Delhi and the famed Connaught Place shopping centre in the heart of India capital, had it not been for the glorious past that it could boast of. The British Empire had termed India as the land" where the sun never sets" read more
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