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Delhi Heritage Walks

  • Siri Heritage Walk
    The focal point of this historically rich area is the ancient city of Siri (the second city of Delhi) established by Alauddin Khalji in the early fourteenth century as a military camp to protect the capital of his empire from the attacks of the Mongol army. Little did he know that his newly founded city would, in the read more
  • West of Connaught Place Heritage Walk
    Last fortnight we took a walk around Connaught Place (Also known as CP) - this fortnight we shall continue from where we left i.e. State Emporia Complex. This is a short walk; we will cover five destinations - Gurudwara Bangla Sahib, Gole Dak-Khana, Sacred Heart Cathedral, Gole Market and finally Birla Mandir within a read more
  • Connaught Place Heritage Walks
    If you happen to read Delhi maps drawn after the 1920s`, you will find that Connaught Place has always been a prominent landmark in Delhi. This distinctive wheel like structure is currently known as Rajiv Chowk - named after India`s former Prime Minister, Rajiv Gandhi. Walk in this part of the city, widely known as read more
  • Feroz Shah Kotla Heritage Walk
    Feroz Shah Kotla, one of Delhi`s well known cricket stadium overlooks a 14th century citadel, known as Feroz Shah Kotla, from which the stadium gets its name. Also known as Kushak-e-Firoz (the palace of Firoz), Firoz Shah Kotla was built in 1354, along the banks of the Yamuna River. The main palace faces the read more
  • Nizamuddin Heritage Walk
    Nizamuddin is a historical village settlement nestled within modern Delhi, west of Mathura Road, about 2 kms south of Purana Qila. Characterized by labyrinthine alleys, shops, popular eateries, mosques and tombs, the village gets its name from the famous Sufi saint, Shaikh Nizamu`d-Din Auliya (AD1236-1325), of the read more
  • Tughlakhabad Heritage Walk
    In this journey, we will look to explore Tughluqabad, the third and the most formidable city of Delhi. It isn't the longest running nor the largest, and until recently, it was not very well remembered either. But it is precisely due to these reasons that it appears as a veritable time-warp. The massive walls of the read more
  • Humayun Tomb Heritage Walk
    Winston Churchill once said “We shape our buildings. Thereafter they shape us.” Very rarely in human history does a building come along which defines not only the age in which it was built but also the people who built and inherited it. Humayun`s Tomb is one of such structure! Humayun, for the uninitiated, read more
  • Daryaganj Heritage Walk
    Last fortnight issue we had taken up a walk in Firoz Shah Kotla and this fortnight we shall take our walk beyond Delhi Gate in the area which is popularly known as Daryaganj. The name Daryaganj refers to "darya" (lit. "River"), which is the river Yamuna flowed just outside the walled city and “ganj” read more
  • Purana Qila Heritage Walk
    In the recent years, the location of Purana Qila has drawn several arguments. In the Mahabharata, it is mentioned that the Pandava brothers established a city on the banks of Yamuna known as Indraprastha which would serve as their capital. Recent excavations at Salimgarh and Red Fort and Purana Qila itself has read more

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